Real ID: Texas

The Texas Department of Public Safety takes protecting its citizen’s identity and safety seriously. In response to the Real ID Act passed by the United States Congress, the state has adopted the requirements set out by the United States lawmakers.

The Real ID Act set up basic identity card issuance standards which are proof of identity, birth date, social security number, lawful status, and primary residence address.

Verify the documents used for issuing the card are genuine. There are also security features in the card. Personal information taken during the process to obtain your identity card or driver’s license is taken with increased privacy and security. Once the federal act was passed, the individual states began adopting the standards into their state laws individually.

With the Real ID Act in place in the state of Texas, you will need the following documents from this Real ID checklist when you are applying for your new driver’s license or identification card:

1. Proof of Residency in Texas for at least 30 days. You must have two approved documents with the same name and physical Texas address.

  • Utility Bill dated within 90 days
  • Current deed or mortgage
  • Current homeowners’ or renters’ policy
  • Medical or Health card
  • Valid and unexpired Texas registration
  • Current automobile insurance policy
  • Automobile payment book
  • Texas high school, college or university report card of transcript for the current year.
  • Preprinted paycheck stub within 90 days from the date of application
  • W-2 or 1099 from current tax year
  • Mail from a financial institution from within 90 days of application date
  • Mail from a government agency from within 90 days of application date
  • Current U.S. Military documents
  • Selective Service Card
  • Concealed handgun license or License to carry
  • TDCJ document from a recent release or parole
  • Current form DS-2019, I-20 or USCIS document

2. Social Security Card

3. Texas Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance

The Texas Real ID driver’s licenses and identification cards not only provides a layer of security to reduce fraud, but it also protects Texans from terrorism. Texas began issuing the Real ID cards on October 10, 2016.

It is essential for you to make sure you have the new Real ID card before the middle of next year. Beginning October 1, 2020 only Real ID compliant cards will be accepted at the airport for domestic flights. Additionally, if you are needing to do any official federal business, such as going into a federal building, verification for any federal forms or identification for any government programs. These forms of official business will require a Texas Real ID card.

Driver’s Licenses and identification cards with a gold star in the top right corner are Real ID cards. If you do not have the gold star obtaining your new Real ID license or identification card can be very simple. You can visit to see if you qualify for renewing your card online.

Remember the Real ID start date for the airports and all government agencies is October 1, 2020. Do not wait until the last minute and have to wait in line for hours. Get the documents needed together and update your identification today!