Preparing Your Vehicle For a Sale

So it’s finally time to sell your vehicle. You are both happy and sad; the feeling is bittersweet. You have many memories with your car and may not be sure what your next car is going to be. Maybe you will get a fast and sporty car, or maybe your next car will be luxurious. Forget the next car, its time for you to sell your current car for as much as it is worth, or even better. Before you sell your vehicle, though, there are a few things that you should do in order to make sure that the sale goes smoothly.



Though you should not spend a lot of money repairing your car before you sell it, as you will not be reimbursed by a buyer for your expenses, you should have you car inspected by a mechanic. Doing an internet search for terms like “get my vehicle inspected” will help you locate nearby mechanics. By having your car inspected you will know its faults and be able to provide a buyer with all of the details of what may or may not be wrong with the car. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your car will give you more negotiation power. The inspection will give you a recent maintenance receipt, which you can also show to the buyer.



The first piece of paperwork that you need to make sure that you have for your car before you sell it, is the title. Your vehicle’s title is proof that you are the owner of the vehicle, and most states require the seller to provide the buyer with a title. If you have lost your vehicle’s title, there are many processes that you will need to complete in order to be able to legally sell your vehicle.

Most states do not require that you provide a bill of sale when you sell a vehicle, but it is a piece of paperwork that provides information on both the buyer and seller. A bill of sale is like a receipt from a store and will prove that a transaction took place between two parties.

If you have maintenance records for your car, and receipts that show any repairs that you have made to the car, you should collect those as well. Maintenance records and a repair history will allow a buyer to have confidence in your vehicle, which in turn makes your vehicle more desirable to a buyer. Your vehicle’s maintenance records will also give you leverage during negotiations, where you will be able to support the value of your car by showing how well you maintained it.



You will need to take pictures of your vehicle before you sell it, if you will be posting it online. Before you take those pictures, however, you should make sure that your vehicle is clean and attractive to a buyer. Invest time and money into washing and vacuuming your car so that a buyer can see how well it was taken care of.

If you would like to go the extra mile, consider having your car detailed. A detailed car will look great and may even look like new. Many retailers are able to fix and clean up blemishes in addition to making the car shine as if it just came from the showroom.



Pictures will speak for your car before you have a chance to. Good pictures will attract online buyers and allow them to get a good idea of what your car is like. You should take pictures of the good and bad areas of your car. The images should be clear and visible. Take pictures from every good angle of your car, both inside and outside. You will want for buyers to see the value of your car before they physically view it.



Vehicle sale preparation should be simple if you know where all of the necessary things are. You will want to prepare your vehicle before you sell it to make sure that you do not forget anything with the vehicle. Additionally, preparing your vehicle for sale will make the sale process much quicker and simple. A well-prepared vehicle will receive great offers, as it will show buyers your level of commitment to the vehicle.