Drivers License Change of Address

Texas laws are strict, and you have only 30 days to change your address from the time you move. This is not an option. You must file a change of address form to update your driver’s license in Texas within 30 days of your move or you could face trouble. Fortunately, the forms are easy to fill out, the options are numerous, and it’s relatively easy to file a change of address form with the DMV. Just choose which option works best for you, obtain the appropriate documentation, and go forward with your change.

Online Address Change

The fastest and simplest way to change your address in Texas is to do so online. Simply visit the DMV website to figure out if you are eligible to fill out an address change form online. You must meet the following requirements or you must visit the DMV in person.

  • You must have a valid license
  • You must have a Class CM or C license
  • You cannot be 79 or older
  • The DPS has your SSN on file
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen

The TX DPS website has a “Driver License Renewal and Change of Address” page, and you must visit that to update your new address. You must have your current license, a printer, and a credit card with $11 in available credit. You can fill out the application and submit it online with the required information, pay the $11 update fee, and you must print a copy of your temporary license to use while your new one is mailed to you. This is not emailed to you following your renewal. If you do not print your temporary license from the confirmation page, you will not have it at all.

By Mail Address Change

Not everyone is comfortable providing their personal information online, and that’s fine. If you prefer to renew your license by mail, you need only download and print the application for an address change from the TX DPS site. You can also mail a check in the amount of $11 made out to the TX DPS with it to the following address:

Department of Public Safety

P.O. Box 149008

Austin, TX 78714

Your new license is mailed to your new address when the application is processed. You do not need anything else in the meantime. Your current license will suffice until your new license arrives.

In Person Address Change

To change your address in person with the DPS, you need only visit any of your local DMV offices to file an address change application. Your address is updated on your license while you wait, and you get a new license on the spot. You will still fill out the application to change from your old address to your new one when you are in person, and the fee is still $11. Call the local DMV to see what methods of payment they accept. Not all DMV offices accept the same payment options.

One consideration to make is all the other documentation you must update with your new address. You must update your title, your registration, and other items if you move. You should look online to see if you can do this there while you’re updating your address online. You can also do it in person when you’re in the DMV updating your license information.

Out-of-State Residents

If you do not have a valid Texas license because you moved from out of state, you have 90-days to apply for a new license, but you only have 30 days to renew your registration. All of this must be done in person so you can take a new photo, turn in your old license, and update all the requirements for a new license and other information since you’re new in the state.

It’s not difficult to change from one address to a new one, but you do need to file a lot of paperwork for several forms. You must remember to do this right away, too, or you could face some problems when opening new bank accounts, when trying to use your license in other locations, and if you are ever pulled over with incorrect information on your license.