Change Vehicle Registration Address

The Texas DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) requires that all vehicles be registered to the insured owner’s current address at all times. This state requirement protects vehicle owners’ registration information.

Such personal information mailed to a former address can allow the wrong person to get it and use it for invalid, illegal purposes. Protect your driving identity just like you protect your private financial data.

Knowing how important this information is, and how it can be misused, the DMV provides three different ways for the driving public to stay current with their driving data.

Whatever your preference, it is easy and convenient to change your vehicle registration address. Since they make it so convenient, they have little patience for drivers who are discovered without current vehicle registration.


Vehicle Registration Address Requirements

Once you have completed your move to your new address, you are required to notify Texas DMV with a ‘change vehicle registration address’ form. It is recommended that you do this within the first seven to ten days after you have moved, and it is required within 30 days.

You are not required to buy an updated registration and title, but you must update your current title and registration. The fee is $11.


Update Online

If you have a computer or access to one, say at the local library, you can update your vehicle registration address requirements without ever having to drive to the DMV office. Simply type the address,, into the top gray search bar.

Scroll down to the blue ‘update your address on your vehicle records online’ and click on it to go to that page and complete the information. You must have a credit or debit card to pay the $11 fee. You will receive a confirmation of your update upon completion of the online form. Mission accomplished!


In Person Office Visit

An in-person DMV office visit is another option if there is an office nearby. The advantage to the office visit is that you leave there knowing that the update is completed the day you visit.

Sometimes, technology can leave you wondering whether you actually accomplished what you went on the computer to do or not. Visiting the office lets you leave that office with paper in hand, so to speak.

Use the local phone book to locate the DMV office nearest you. To avoid the long lines, plan your visit for early in the morning since they get busier as the day moves along.

Try to get there even before they are scheduled to open. The line will be much shorter then. The earlier you get there, the earlier you get it done and get to leave.


Update by Mail

In the absence of a computer, or access to one, and if a DMV office is just too far to drive, you can always mail in your update. This is a slower method than the others, so you need to allow enough time for the mail to get there before the deadline.

You can call and request a DMV Change of Address for Texas Vehicle Registration form from DMV. Mail your request and the $11 fee to:

Department of Public Safety

P.O. Box 149008

Austin, TX 78714

Be sure to give your new address correctly. Sometimes it takes a while to remember a new address, especially if you were at the old one a long time.

This helpful note may speed things along in the mail. Ask if the DMV office you are sending the form to accepts money orders as payment. Money orders at one time were as good as cash, but many do not accept them now due to excessive fraud.

If your local office accepts them, send a money order with your completed form. Doing so will avoid the processing delay while they wait for your check to clear your bank.


Do Not Procrastinate

That is a fancy college word that means, ‘do not delay getting this done’. This needs to be at or near the top of your important things to do list after you have moved. Do not wait to be reminded to do it by getting a traffic ticket or worse for having an invalid vehicle registration.